What am I even working on? Update!

It is nearing the end of the school year, which as any teacher knows demands a significant amount of time outside of the classroom. I have been working on finishing up grades on some projects for the end of the year. My students have an important test in one of their other subjects, so I am also trying to give them a little bit of leeway on preparing for that.

Here is just a brief update on my own various projects:

  • Finish the React.js and Sass challenges on FreeCodeCamp. I decided to pay for a month of CodeSchool to learn React and Sass and after I finished those courses, I decided to complete a few other exercises as review for myself. The goal is to be finished with these challenges at the end of May.
  • Plnnr.net is coming along, but it is in store for a big refactoring. I want to update the way projects are displayed so people can get a better sense of what is in progress and what is just suggested.
  • Refactor the UBD Templater add-on to automatically use the Common Core objectives, but allow a teacher to put in their own objectives. These need to display in a more readable format on the main page. The entire project probably needs me to go over the whole things again. Also finish by the end of May.
  • Summer time projects: FINISH THE FLASHCARD APPLICATION!!! The entire idea of the application is great, but was poorly executed by me! Now that I have gotten a lot better at using Angular.js (in my own mind, anyways) I can hopefully do a lot more with that tool.

On another note, as much as I talk about speeding up my workflow as a teacher I have no idea why I am not using Gulp! Seems like such a great tool that I should be making use of. Hopefully, I have a few minutes where I can learn how to implement that into making my life as a developer easier!