Web development tutorial projects I am working on…

I have a number of things that I want to do in the realm of web development, unfortunately all of my ideas require some knowledge. So here is my current study schedule. Previous projects are going to be left as-is for now.

  1. Python and Flask
    • Start working on the microblog app from the Flask Megatutorial. This will give a greater understanding of how the various aspects of Flask work with each other. Especially creating a system with logins and managing sessions. UPDATE: Currently only on step 3 of this project. Starts pretty easily. I actually understand everything I am reading! We will see how long that keeps up…
    • Complete this tutorial about setting up a static site. Each tutorial configures Flask just a little bit differently, and I think it is important to do this several times in order to get a better understanding of how the framework operates. UPDATE: Started this tutorial at discoverflask.com. I think the explanations are really clear and applicable to my own projects.
    • Use this video about using Google Spreadsheets as a database with python. Hopefully this can be the basis for a simple gradebook application.
  2. HTML/CSS – Finished!
    • Finish the basic web development track on Codeacademy. I am currently about halfway through this course and finding it to be mostly review for me with very little new information, but helpful nevertheless. UPDATE: Finished this course! I am still having trouble getting CSS to display perfectly, but I have a much better idea of how Bootstrap works on the projects that I have done so far.
  3. Javascript
    • Once you have finished the HTML/CSS review, go onto the assignments suggested by /r/learnjavascript.
    • Here is a link to Javascript: The Definitive Guide
    • UPDATE: Almost finished with the Codecademy course on Javascript and jQuery. I realized that I have some great ideas for projects with Javascript, but I want to keep going with Python for a little longer. At least until some of the project ideas I have are underway.

I will probably jump around on this list, but I wanted to get it written down so I have a place to come back and check things off as I finish them.