Unity Survival Shooter

This series of videos is really fun. There is tons of information in the videos with the added benefit of the survival shooter being really fun! I am going to post just a few things that I will eventually want to return to. Link to the project contents is below…

Survival Shooter: Chapter 1

1. Environment setup – not sure how this whole environment was created. Using Unity or some other 3D rendering program?

EDIT: here is a related link I found for this. To read later.

2. Player Character – what programs were used to create the animations?

3. Camera setup – good camera setup guide. Orthographic cameras remove perspective.

4. Creating Enemy #1 – using prefabs to setup the scripts and effects associated with a character who will later be spawned repeatedly.

5. Health HUD – new UI options in Unity 4.6. Should rewatch to get an idea about how to setup a UI.

6. Player Health – scripting with C#

7. Harming Enemies – scripting with C#. Also, introduction to the Raycasting function.

8. Scoring points – scripting with C#

9. Spawning Enemies – deleting the pref and creating spawn points for different enemies. Rewatch this for a detailed explanation about instantiating prefabs at different locations.

10. Game Over – back to the UI. First use of the animation window. Good introduction to very basic uses of the animation window and how it relates to the rest of a project.

As I walked through the steps of this project it became very clear that I would need to learn how to use a program like Blender to create my own assets. I will probably spend this weekend learning what I can about creating 3D models and see if it is something that I can pursue beyond the tutorial level.