Trying out Digital Breakouts at the Teacher Retreat

After trying out Digital BreakoutEDU for the first time this weekend, and I came away from it with a number of ideas. Especially since a number of the ways to format things, doesn’t work perfectly on the iPad.

In order to use the code below, you need to do a couple of things to setup your Google Site that I want to explain. It would really help to have gone through the information that has been made available by Mari and Justin on the actual Digital BreakoutEDU site.

First, create the Apps Script in your ‘Manage Site’ menu.


Next, you need to cut and paste some code into the script editor. I have provided my ideas at the bottom of this post. One is the ‘Hidden Text’ code. The other is a ‘Crypto’ display. Please play around with them!

Once you have cut and pasted the code into your script editor, save and close it out. You need to put the Apps Script onto your page somewhere, as seen below.


That should place your script onto your page. Please send me suggestions and ideas for more ways to use these in a breakout.

Hidden Text

Crypto Display