this. Is. ATHENS!!! Travel updates!

I have been really bad at providing updates about trips that I am taking. Since I just got home from Athens, I want to quickly upload my pictures from that trip. I took a ton, and I am super impressed with Athens as a city.

greece parthenon Arriving in Athens and heading straight to the Acropolis for the full tourist experience! This is probably the best picture I got (a selfie) next to the Parthenon. The amount of history that is around you at all times in Athens is pretty amazing. Even having been to excavated ruins like Ephesus and Pergimon in Turkey, Athens stands out.




Tgreece olympic stadiumhe Olympic Stadium is another impressive space. I ran a lap and now consider myself an Olympian. I even bought a coin as a reward, but I promptly misplaced it with the Euro coins I was carrying.



greece orange tree

You can find orange trees all over the city. Every breakfast I had came with delicious, fresh orange juice. They also make a good coffee.





greece hydraThe island Hydra (not from the Avengers) is a true jump back in time. There are no cars on the island so the people rely on donkeys to traverse the island.





Ygreece porosou can never get tired of these little port cities that are seemingly on every Greek island.





greece islandsgreece hydra clock tower

greece rooftop bus

I am a huge fan of taking sightseeing tours. Usually I prefer a walking tour, and there are a ton of them available in most big European cities. On this trip, however, the rooftop bus seemed like a pretty decent way to go. The weather was perfect for it!





greece lake vouligianis

Lake Vouliagmeni is a curious little natural lake just south of Athens. We hadn’t even heard of it before we stumbled across it on the rooftop bus. Good place to take a quick swim before we had to catch our flight out of town. Probably a little bit too pricey (12 Euro with no towel provided) but it was a good place to spend a couple of hours.