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I almost forgot that one of the most fun parts of the Google Innovator Academy was something that I didn’t get to share with everyone as we ran out of time. We were supposed to bring a short puzzle with us that would help us explain our stories as educators. We ran short on time and my puzzle didn’t get solved (along with another teacher in the group.)

So, I may as well share my puzzle with the group. I even wrote a little bit of code to to automate the process, though the puzzle is easy enough to solve without it.

The code:

The puzzle itself:

A single shift will reveal your clue, then the rest is up to you!

“uif bvuips pg uif nptu gbnpvt qmbzt pg fohmjti mjufsbuvsf xbt tjnqmz dbmmfe uif …”

The answer is a 4 letter word that opened the breakout box to reveal a clock! My story revolved around how I started to learning to code in order to develop my own content for the iPad program at school. Then that evolved into finding ways to programmatically save time as a teacher, and developing add-ons to serve that purpose.

Finished entering grades with a little coding help!

I use Google Sheets a lot, and in this case I had way too many grades cluttering up my spreadsheet. I decided that I was going to take the top 4 grades and average them together to get the final grade. In order to do that I threw together a little script to make that easier.

Enjoy! Post any questions below.

Why Teachers on TV Have to Be Incompetent or Inspiring – The New York Times

They’re heroes or buffoons. And they never actually teach.

Source: Why Teachers on TV Have to Be Incompetent or Inspiring – The New York Times

This article doesn’t require much commentary, but it definitely captures some of the feelings I have as a teacher.