Create flashcards based on student results.

The goal of this project is to create flashcards that are individualized for each student based on assessment results. Quizlet provides teachers with a breakdown of how students performed on an assessment and even each individual question on the assessment. Google Forms can even be setup to provide a teacher with this information. A teacher should be able to generate review materials from these spreadsheets!

Currently this project is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION but feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or anything else helpful in the comments below or at plnnr.net

Easy Grader for Google Sheets

Making using google sheets as a gradebook a little bit easier.

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I enjoy using spreadsheets to hold a lot of grades. There are many services that will send you reports in spreadsheet files, so it just makes sense to keep you other grades in that format.

The thing that started to frustrate me was entering grades from classwork. I created this add-on to try and alleviate those struggles.

After you install the add-on, open it inside of the spreadsheet where you want to enter grades.


The sidebar is fairly straightforward. The select box at the top allows you change which column your grades will go into. Use the settings at the bottom to change which columns the Easy Grader will consider as grade columns.


Once you are setup, just select the box for student name. It will use the first three columns as its search field. Just type a few letters of the name and it should appear. Hit enter, then tab, type the grade, hit enter again. The grade will automatically appear in the spreadsheet and the focus will return to the student name box ready for you to enter the next grade.


As always, I appreciate feedback! Let me know how I can make this better.


CopyPastaForm for Google Forms

Google Forms is a great tool, unfortunately it takes a bit of time to create one. I have had the thought that it would be much easier to have one single text box that I can type in (or copy and paste into) that will generate the entire form. This led me to create…

CopyPastaForm for Google Forms

Unit By Design Template for Google Documents

In my department we use the Unit by Design Template (UBD) to do our unit plans. It takes the top-down approach of starting with your objectives and planning from there.  In order to speed up my planning process, I thought it would be a good idea to create a template that I could customize each time I put a unit plan together.

The result of that goal is:

Unit By Design Template

Feel free to download this add-on and play around with it. There is just a little bit of setup required.


First, you need to create a spreadsheet similar to the one seen above. This will have all of your objectives in it. The spreadsheet should have 3 columns.

  1. The first column is a category for the objective.
  2. The second column is a title for the objective.
  3. The third column is a longer description completing the “Students will be able to…”

Once you have finished building your list of objectives, you need to copy the key of the spreadsheet. This key is highlighted in the image above.


Open a new document and install the add-on. Click on ‘Add-ons > Unit By Design Template > Setup’ to open a setup window. Copy that key into the input box and save. Now you are ready to create a new unit!

You can get an example objective spreadsheet here:


The key is: 1c_vwNSKbW9V22zi8JBw_-Gp_CM6va_T_X6FYL88N0QM


Notice the two buttons ‘Go back a stage’ and ‘Move to the next stage’. The allow you to go back and forth between the stages of the process. Complete the fields and move to the next stage.


Select one or more of the objectives. These fields are populated from the spreadsheet that YOU created. They will be used when the template is generated. To select multiple objectives, hold down the ‘CTRL’ key.


You can add some other information that will be used for Stage 1 of the UBD. These fields are all optional. You must hit the RETURN key after each statement that you want separated in the plan.


Once again, you can select mulitple options from this list. Just hold down CTRL while you select.


How many individual lessons will you have in this unit? The number you select will be used to create lesson planning blocks in your plan. Click on SUBMIT THE FORM to start building the plan!

Next steps…

Go back through the plan that is generated and make final changes. There is always more that you can add to a unit plan! Also, if you go back to the add-ons menu, you can build individual lesson plans directly into your plan. Give it a try!

ClassDojo Bookmarklet


I needed a way to streamline the process of submitting attendance records into the main office. So I came up with an easy way to do that using jQuery and a bookmarklet generator I found. This is my second iteration of that project to make it easier to share with my colleagues. Comment below with questions or other ideas for bookmarklets!

UBD Template Google Documents Add-on

Just a quick introduction to my first release of the UBD Template Addon for Google Documents. Please let me know how I can improve this for other users!

Here is a link to an example of the kind of spreadsheet you need for your objectives. Just copy the key in the URL and put it in the setup for my application.


Follow this link to the Chrome Store to install my add-on!

New Visions CloudLab

New Visions CloudLab.

I am just finding an entire host of great websites today. I found this page while searching for some easy method of taking data from a spreadsheet and creating individual documents with that data. I found: Autocrat!

Not only does it provide the exact service I was looking for, but it looks like a great organization designed to create useful tools to speed the workflow of teaching. This has been most of the focus for my learning to program endeavor, so I will certainly be following New Visions CloudLab.