Summer Updates

Towards the end of the school year I developed a couple of projects just for the fun of it. I wanted to practice using some html, css, bootstrap, and jQuery all together. I also had a few ideas based on things that were going on.

First, I created a crowd sourced playlist generator(aggregator?) that anyone could submit YouTube links to and then others could vote on. I tried to add in an anonymous commenting system, but I never got around to making it totally functional. The idea came together pretty well, and pretty quickly.

Music Playlists

Second, I created an Instagram Scavenger Hunt type site. All users need to do is register, take pictures, and add the hashtag izmirscavengers and pictures would show up in one place. I thought it would be a good way to put together one large photo album created by all the expats of the SEV/ACI foreign faculty. Again, I didn’t really get everything functioning, but it was good practice for me. So, I really got everything out of it that I wanted.

Izmir Scavenger Hunt

As always, the total list of all my various projects can be found at: For the most part, they are all rudimentary examples of web applications, but I am proud of them, and they do kind of map my progress as I teach myself various programming languages.

Finished my PHP course!

gradesI am just waiting on the grade for my final project, but I am finished with the course! I think I did very well, and have even started to enjoy programming in PHP. I started with a hatred of PHP but it did kind of grow on me. I want to link to a couple of the web apps that I created for the course, but I will make a separate post for each of them. This post is simply to brag about the 100% I got in an online course from Berkeley.

Beginner PHP Web Apps

It has been a while since I have updated my posts here. I am almost done with my PHP course, and have been developing a few idea I have had just for practice. The most recent is an interactive KWL chart.



Teachers love using KWL charts (and any other graphic organizer for that matter) to assess students pre, mid, and post learning to give students an understanding of where they are, and where they need to improve. I tried to make this more interactive with the little bit of PHP coding experience I have gleaned from the online course I am taking. The results are below. This site is specifically geared towards the vocabulary that is present on the Cambridge KET exam. This site is geared more towards allowing teachers to interactively assess KWL with their own content. I will continue to work on this site, hopefully adding a way for students to save the charts they generate.

Learning PHP

I have decided to pause my self-education of Python and take a course on PHP for Web Development. I have started that, and it is interesting to compare what I learned on my own in Python with a structured course. I created a quick page to display my assignments. You can see that here:

I think I will go back to python when I finish this course, and probably step up my game to Python 3.4. We will see. The point is I am still making progress even though my other apps are still down!