Portfolio Day

We had an English portfolio day at school,and I just wanted to post the pictures of some of the student created story cards. There was a great turnout of parents and I think it all went very well. One thing to take into consideration for next year is how difficult it is to get the students to do a presentation for parents AFTER they have presented for their parents.

20160328_153848Also, Achieve3000 (Kidbiz or Teenbiz, or whichever version you are using) provides a printable page of the various achievements. These are perfect for 5th graders who love stickers, and they can be placed on the covers of their portfolios.

If you have been using Google Drive to collect student work, you need to make sure you print out hard copies of their work! I am disappointed that a lot of the students work was not seen because I did not have a hard copy to show the parents. Yes, trees were saved, which is a great thing, but I am sure there would have been an alternative to leaving the work out completely.

Maybe I will try to devise a Google Script that displays the contents of a students drive folder dynamically…




Jeff Elkner’s Python Programming Problems

Practical programming puzzle to try in python:

Your English teacher has just asked you to write a paper comparing two of the works from the free, online literature library at Project Gutenberg. Since you are a computer scientist, you decide to put your skills to use. You plan to compare your two favorite works of classic literature in terms of the vocabulary used in each. Since this a bit outside the scope of the assignment as described by your English teacher, you ask for permission before you proceed. Intruiged by your proposal, your English teacher agrees and you are ready to go.

You plan to write a program that will take a text file as input and return a report listing alphabetically all the words in the file and the number of occurances of each.

via Jeff Elkner’s Python Programming Problems.

How to Teach Essay Writing: 10 Tools for Educators

If you thought it would be impossible to improve a student’s literacy and writing skills with the help of an app, you’re in for a surprise. Essay writing is a huge trend in the world of educational technology.

As it turns out, it takes some skills and practice to implement the proper apps, tools, and websites in the right situation. Wait; there is no need to spend a week experimenting with different options. The following list provides you with solutions you can immediately rely on!

via How to Teach Essay Writing: 10 Tools for Educators.

Learning PHP

I have decided to pause my self-education of Python and take a course on PHP for Web Development. I have started that, and it is interesting to compare what I learned on my own in Python with a structured course. I created a quick page to display my assignments. You can see that here:  http://jordanrhea.com/php-course/

I think I will go back to python when I finish this course, and probably step up my game to Python 3.4. We will see. The point is I am still making progress even though my other apps are still down!

Pixar’s Powerful 3D Rendering Software RenderMan Is Now Free to Use

Pixar’s Powerful 3D Rendering Software RenderMan Is Now Free to Use.

As someone who watched several hours of Pixar movies over spring break and wishes he was an animator… I am fascinated. It has been a few weeks since I have played around with Blender, but it would be really interesting to see what kind of rendering I could come up with using the Pixar software.

Learn | Codecademy

Learn | Codecademy.

All programming is are a series of instructions that you give a computer to perform repeatable tasks to manipulate information. When I first arrived in Turkey, well before I was disillusioned by the quality of professional development at my school, another teacher gave a presentation about different ways to convey information. One of the websites he provided was InformationisBeautiful. As I have been teaching myself python, and now working through a javascript course on Codecademy… I think about the beautiful way that data can be visualized.

While you aren’t going to get a deep understanding of a programming language from their courses, it provides a great introduction to a programming language. And some of the project based tutorials they offer may be even more in depth. So far I have completed the CSS course, and I’m working on the Javascript course. Next up is jQuery…