Oh no! I forgot something in my template before I shared it!

A colleague of mine had to come up with a way to insert student names into a folder full of documents AFTER they had already been shared. She had no interest in opening 100 different documents one at a time, so we came up with a way to do it programmatically.

Multi-Dropdown Datavalidation Creator

This tool came about as a collaboration between Dan Sharpe and myself. He had the idea that there needed to be a better way to create the data validation dropdowns in Google Sheets. Since I was not super familiar with data validation I jumped on the opportunity to learn some new parts of Google Apps Script.

Check it out on the app store, or play around with the code below!

Email Summarizer

Create document summaries from Gmail labels. This is an apps script that I deployed as a web app. It allows you to create a daily trigger that will create a document based on labels in your Gmail. You just need to create a filter that applies a label to incoming emails. bit.ly/emailsummarizer (Thanks to Educator Alexander for the idea in our Google Innovator group!)

Trying out Digital Breakouts at the Teacher Retreat

After trying out Digital BreakoutEDU for the first time this weekend, and I came away from it with a number of ideas. Especially since a number of the ways to format things, doesn’t work perfectly on the iPad.

In order to use the code below, you need to do a couple of things to setup your Google Site that I want to explain. It would really help to have gone through the information that has been made available by Mari and Justin on the actual Digital BreakoutEDU site.

First, create the Apps Script in your ‘Manage Site’ menu.


Next, you need to cut and paste some code into the script editor. I have provided my ideas at the bottom of this post. One is the ‘Hidden Text’ code. The other is a ‘Crypto’ display. Please play around with them!

Once you have cut and pasted the code into your script editor, save and close it out. You need to put the Apps Script onto your page somewhere, as seen below.


That should place your script onto your page. Please send me suggestions and ideas for more ways to use these in a breakout.

Hidden Text

Crypto Display

Coding with #COL16

I participated in a Hangout on Air with Daniel Sharpe, and the result was pretty great! We sat down and coded a decent start to an app that displays form responses in the style of Pinterest or Padlet. My internet crashed 4 times during the recording, but despite my terrible connection we would up with a decent product

Probably not for the absolute beginner, but I think there is something in there to be learned for an aspiring coder. (Experienced coders will probably ridicule my lack of style)

Do people want to see more of this? What can we introduce as we go along? Tweet at us @rheajt and @get_sharpe


#ShoutOuts on Twitter

I have been doing a few hangouts with some of my colleagues from the Google Innovator Academy this past summer. It is definitely nice to help out with some really incredible projects, as well as get some praise along the way!

Back to school and back to coding!

After an incredible summer vacation (see my post about the Google Innovator Academy, the huge American road trip across the mid-west, and even a short trip to Spain) I am back in the office and already knocking out some code!

A colleague asked me about a way to duplicate sheets inside a Google spreadsheet. He has a template for his weekly schedule built inside a sheet, and he wants to duplicate it for each week of the school year.

A very reasonable request, however, I wasn’t exactly clear how to do it. In five minutes I whipped together this little script.

A short explanation of the code:

First, you declare the number of duplicates you want. Second you create the spreadsheet object. Third, you loop over the object and each time create a duplicate of the activate sheet. Finally, run the script and watch it take away 10 minutes of manual labor!

In other news, I am going to start posting lots of code snippets that help me and my colleagues solve small problems and make our lives easier. You can help me out by making your own suggestions on my project site http://plnnr.net (work in progress, but you can still use it!) I would love to help figure out ways to improve teacher workflow!