Pixar’s Powerful 3D Rendering Software RenderMan Is Now Free to Use

Pixar’s Powerful 3D Rendering Software RenderMan Is Now Free to Use.

As someone who watched several hours of Pixar movies over spring break and wishes he was an animator… I am fascinated. It has been a few weeks since I have played around with Blender, but it would be really interesting to see what kind of rendering I could come up with using the Pixar software.

First Blender Art

Here are some practice images from my lessons in Blender. There is still a lot to figure out in the realm of animating the movements of characters. I am also wishing that I had more formal sculpture training! Starting with a simple cube and extruding it out and shaping each piece is a very complicated process.

The next step is putting one of these characters into a game world and making them run around!

simple alien simple cat

Blender for the Artistically Challenged

I really want to create my own assets for these games. And it would be even better if these assets didn’t look like complete garbage. So I am going to start with a few basic Blender tutorials and go from there.

I am also realizing that I need a computer with a monitor that is much bigger. 15.6″ is just not cutting it when you have so many programs going on. A dual monitor setup would be ideal, however, it isn’t realistic at this point. Just something to think about…