Here is the first real thing that I have created with Unity. There is no sound, no end, and nothing extremely interesting in the game. However, it is an example of me being able to take the things that I learned in the Space Shooter Tutorial and apply them to my own ideas. I really just watched the videos and then tried to recreate something with my own ideas and using the code to fit my own needs. I had to solve several problems along the way. The rotation of prefab quads caused me an annoyance. Also, getting the score to count only when the player collider made contact was difficult. I managed to solve these problems and for now I am done with this. I am going to move onto another tutorial and see what I can create next. This has motivated me to do an actual C# coding tutorial. I think that would really help me to understand the basic concepts behind object oriented programming.

Trashcat Alley Game

*Just a few notes of things that I would have done if knew how…

  • Animate the cats to run across the screen
  • Multiple cat models
  • Tether the player model to a certain point so when releasing the movement keys, he would return to a fixed point.
  • Increasingly difficult waves of cats