Igniting Kids’ Enthusiasm for Coding

I started thinking that maybe this is not only interesting and useful for my nephew but also for other kids. So I started an initiative, CodingStuff.org, to ignite kids’ enthusiasm to learn how to code, to create apps, to design websites, and overall to become comfortable with technology.

Source: Igniting Kids’ Enthusiasm for Coding

I really enjoyed this article since it is very similar to what I would like to be doing more of in school.

As an update to what I am working on: Currently I am rewriting a number of the small applications I have created in PHP and bundling them all together in one place. The goal is to allow for Google+ login so that work can be created and saved to a users Google Drive. This is a ways off since the past month has been nothing but travelling and preparing for the new school year. I will start to find more time to work on it as the year goes along.