Google Certified Educator Level 2… ACHIEVED!

And just like that… in the span of 4 days… I am a level 2 Google Certified Educator! I am pretty proud of myself for having read through all the manuals, and for having the amount of prior knowledge that I did. I had really built up a lot of know-how regarding the many apps that Google provides.

Some of the new things were Google Scholar and the research tools available in Google Docs. Both very helpful tools. Also, many of the ideas that are contained in some of the lessons are very helpful. Due to the fact that I was going through everything so quickly, I am sure that I missed out on some really great ideas. However, I can always go back through and find some stuff.


Maybe someday, if I am ever a GOOGLE INNOVATOR (dun dun duuuuuuun) I will be able to suggest some of my own ideas. For now, I am very stoked about this achievement. Hopefully now I will have some time to get back to work on the project that I have started. In the next few weeks I hope to…

  1. Finish up my Online Gradebook with Google Sheets application.
  2. Create a tutorial series on setting up your own Online Gradebook along with help on incorporating things like Doctopus and Flubaroo.
  3. Finish my flashcard application that I began several months ago and lacked some of the knowledge required to complete.

I definitely feel that I have progressed significantly in my ability to use several of these programming languages and frameworks. I am really hoping that I don’t get too bogged down in the end-of-the-year rigmarole that always tends to happen in any given school year. Even if I do, there is a summer to play around with these new tech skills… Right? Or will travel get in the way?

  • So proud! I can’t wait to wade through your blog and steal some ideas!