Google Certified Educator Level 1 ACHIEVED!

On Monday (the day we returned from vacation) I decided that I need to have certifications from Google. I had heard of the programs, however, I hadn’t really done any research into it. So I finally did, and 48 hours later I am certified in the first level!


I was already familiar with most of the apps that are covered in level 1 and use most of them pretty regularly. Since I have been using the Google Scripts service for a number of my programming projects I have familiarized myself with most of the apps pretty well. I am always looking for new ways to streamline my own work flow and there are a number of new things that I picked up while running through this course. I am going to dive right into level 2. Another 48 hours? Probably not, but I like to think that I can finish it before next week! Hopes and dreams.