Explore what is Trending on GitHub

I finally signed up for a github account and made my first repository. I wrote a quick web search and site scraper in the morning and then after work, I played around with the git commands to commit it to a repository and so on and so forth. Not bad for a day’s work! I may extend that project into something a little bit larger and not just as a way to get used to using git (and using a version control in general.)

Tonight, I think I will work on setting up my vocabulary project up as a git repository. There are still a few bugs that I have noticed when trying to create documents while I am at work. The difficult thing is figuring out what bugs are causing that since I can’t actually SCP into the server to read the logs while I am at work…

Anyways, for now I will just be browsing the  trending topics on github. The open source community is awesome and such a great place to get/share ideas. I cannot believe I have not been using github since I started with python in January.

Explore what is Trending on GitHub.