Easy Grader for Google Sheets

Making using google sheets as a gradebook a little bit easier.

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I enjoy using spreadsheets to hold a lot of grades. There are many services that will send you reports in spreadsheet files, so it just makes sense to keep you other grades in that format.

The thing that started to frustrate me was entering grades from classwork. I created this add-on to try and alleviate those struggles.

After you install the add-on, open it inside of the spreadsheet where you want to enter grades.


The sidebar is fairly straightforward. The select box at the top allows you change which column your grades will go into. Use the settings at the bottom to change which columns the Easy Grader will consider as grade columns.


Once you are setup, just select the box for student name. It will use the first three columns as its search field. Just type a few letters of the name and it should appear. Hit enter, then tab, type the grade, hit enter again. The grade will automatically appear in the spreadsheet and the focus will return to the student name box ready for you to enter the next grade.


As always, I appreciate feedback! Let me know how I can make this better.