Configure your VPS and setup Flask

This is really just a note for myself to do a few things, and since nobody reads this blog anyways… not a problem!

1) Backup your project files from your digitalocean droplet. Reconfigure your app according to this link.

2) Hopefully it is possible to run your VPS on a subdomain. Consider purchasing an actual domain if not.

3) This tutorial series looks like a good way to setup a flask project. Now that you have a much better understanding of what you are doing with flask, it should make a lot more sense. Just watch the first video to get things setup and make sure TO TAKE NOTES!

4) Get everything working again on your reconfigured space!

5) Implement the randomization functions to your application. Once you have done this… stop working on this for the week. Go back to working on the blog or start a different project!