Conference Handouts for Google Spreadsheets

Parents love to take a physical handout away from parent-teacher conference meetings. That was the exact reason that I created this Google Spreadsheets add-on. Just run the add-on and create a printable document of all the student data you want to show! The name of the add-on is…

Conference Handouts for Google Spreadsheets

After you have installed the add-on there is just a little bit of configuration that needs to take place. Click on ‘Add-ons > Conference Handouts > Setup’ to get started.


For each of the fields that will be displayed in the final document, select the column that corresponds to that data. This assumes that your spreadsheets first row contains the column names. (NOTE: Currently the name field requires that there be a column for first names, and a column for last names. Hopefully in later versions I will make it accept either depending on the users preference.)


Once you have run the setup, go to ‘Add-ons > Conference Handouts > Run’ to get started. If you want to create a handout for every row in your spreadsheet. If you want to customize which students you are creating handouts for, just start typing their names into the search field and click on ‘Add to list’ to add them to the list. When you have your list completed just click on ‘COMPLETE PTC’ and the document will be created.

Browse to the root folder of your Google Drive to find the finished product.


I like to print them out 4 pages to one piece of paper. This is a great way to save on paper (assuming that you don’t have too much data that you are reporting on.)

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve this script, please leave a comment below! Also, checkout for some of my other programming projects.